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RoboParty 2017

RoboParty 2017 is held on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of March, join us for another robot and knowledge party. Registration opened since October 11Find out more...

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RoboParty Game

Try now the RoboParty game, reach as many points as possible by diverting Ruminho from all obstacles, challenge all your friends and RoboParty teams.Play...


RoboParty Challenges

At RoboParty we've put some challenges together for you to explore your robot's capabilities and functionality. Remember that the important thing is not to win but to participate!Challenges

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Build your own robot

Learn how to build an autonomous robot, the Bot'n Roll One A. Learn how to solder electronic boards, mechanics and programming.

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The robot stays for you.

Take with you a fully functional Arduino compatible robot to continue learning after RoboParty.

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Non-stop event (3 days and 2 nights)

The event does not stop. Bring your sleeping bag, we have mattresses and showers waiting for you.

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Creat teams of 4 elements

You need an adult in your team: it can be a teacher, family member or friend.

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Free play and sports activities

To relax you have fun and / or sport activities, demonstrations and other animations.

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You can get our food pack that contains breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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We are in Guimarães, in the sports pavilion of the University of Minho (Azurém Campus).

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The world's largest educational robotics event has a price that varies according to your options. See here.

RoboParty Challenges

At RoboParty we do not have "competitions" but rather challenges, which give you the opportunity to improve your knowledge of robotics and programming.
Participation in challenges is optional.

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RaceOfObstacles Your robot will have to make a course without colliding with the walls in the shortest possible time! It's your first challenge to test your programming skills.
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RaceOfChampions Your robot will have to follow a black line and complete a lap to the circuit in the shortest time possible, but with the incentive to run side by side with an opponent. Get ready for a great show!
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Dance The dance test is a challenge to your creativity and teamwork! You will have to create a choreography and decorate your robot, together with the three teams of your table. Choose your Music!
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Video Contest Bring your camcorder and create your own videos about RoboParty. Participate in the various categories in the contest and enable you to win up to 3 Bot'n Roll ONE A robots. Videos must have a maximum duration of 2m30s.